See more details, including timelines, important dates and prizes(!) at the following page: XCBR Challenge 2023 – iSee (

The organizers of XCBR and the iSee team are hosting a second contest on explainability. This year the challenge day is collocated with ICCBR 2023 in Aberdeen, UK and the focus is on evaluating the adaptability of explanation methods on use cases using the iSee platform.

Participants will have access to the tools and supporting materials (tutorials, videos, how to guide) to:

  1. add a new explainer to the iSee Explainer Library
  2. evaluate the explanation generated by it (or try existing explainer) and
  3. share feedback on your experience using iSee.

The iSee Cockpit use case manager and conversational evaluation tool can be used to evaluate the explanation on either an existing or new use case.  Each team will have access to an online tutorial and can receive support from a dedicated iSee researcher during the process.

We are inviting you to send us an email to express your interest in participating to the 2023 challenge.
We will then contact you with guidelines and proposed dates for the tutorial sessions.