EU programme for research and innovation proposes a conference “AI FOR INDUSTRY AND SOCIETY: trust and frugality”, on Friday 25 February 2022. online. Here is the link to register and read the summary :;jsessionid=vovQPMWLeS12DiKfv8Yv62Pz.gl1?[…]4_=&_zz5_=&_zz6_=&_zz7_=&_zz8_=&_zz9_=&_scrollX=0&_scrollY=0

The large-scale deployment of AI has highlighted the importance of a strategic positioning of Europe anchored on its values, particularly in terms of ethics, trust and regulation. We are all working on the same vision in iSee team.
At the same time, the awareness of the impact of digital technology in terms of energy and use of material resources requires a reflection on the development of more frugal approaches to production.

The conference will highlight actions already initiated in EU such as the constitution of open platforms for the capitalization of resources necessary for the development and industrial deployment of trustworthy and sustainable AI for the benefit of citizens.