All rules and prizes are at XCBR Challenge 2022 – iSee (

The objective of this challenge is to highlight your expertise, skills and experience in applying Explainable AI (XAI) techniques to a “blackbox” AI model, so that the predictions of the model can be understood, improved or challenged by the users interacting with or impacted by the model. If you or your team would like to join the challenge, please register by sending an email to with “XCBR challenge 2022” in the subject and indicating the GitHub ids of your team members, names of participants and a contact person.
Each use case is described in a separated Github repository:  Telecom Recommendation using textual notes, Psychology Prediction using questionnaires,   Weather Forecasting using sensor data and Fracture Detection using radiographs.

Results will be announced at the 30th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning September 2022, in Nancy, France.
Submission deadline: 26th August 2022

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